Sunday, April 6, 2014

Publishing HTML5 Games on the Chrome Web App Store

Without further ado, I present you my app in the app store, TitanFlap!
  1. Host your HTML5 app in a website that you own. No Dropbox, Use iframe on a website if you have to. Submit website to Google Webmaster to verify your ownership.
  2. Zip up a manifest.json and icon_128.png file. The icon_128.png must be a 128x128 PNG image icon for your app.
  3. Go to Chrome Developer Dashboard and sign into your Google account. Upload the zip file.
  4. Fill the remaining information and hit "Publish".

App URLs must be domain and subdomain level website names that you own and end it with "/" or there will be a path error.
Web URL must have the same domain as the App URL, and is the path for your app. 
Example manifest.json file, use Notepad or similar program.
  "name": "TitanFlap",
  "description": "Commence TitanFlap!",
  "version": "1",
  "manifest_version": 2,
  "app": {
    "urls": [
    "launch": {
      "web_url": ""
  "icons": {
    "128": "icon_128.png"
  "permissions": [

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fool's Pranks Wrap Up

1. My Conversion to Reformed Theology
Not my idea, but I played along. Brittany really wishes this to be true. :P

2. My Letter of Resignation from the Valiant Defender's Party Student Leadership Society

"by Samuel Garcia
It is a great honor to have served the Valiant Defender's Party Student Leadership Society as Prime Minister from it's very inception. We have grown from a small student government elections party to the leadership society we see today. To say that I am proud of you, members, is an understatement.However, college and work have taken a toll on me. I'm on my last stretch of my degree of Computer Science, and hopefully going off to Bible college in the spring of 2015. There are many opportunities for me to advance the causes of Integrity, Innovation, and Initiative for His glory." (read more)
3. CPHarmony
Someone created a courting website for my college program College Plus. Whoever created it was smart enough to leak it early long before the 1st. The site is shut down now (address was

4. Instagram Prank
If the picture doesn't show up, click it to refresh. ( )

And I leave you with this:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

InDev: Offgrid, Wormhole Eilis, and Aethernoughts

It's been awhile since I actually posted something of a game design nature. The truth is, I have been so busy with school, the VDP society, scholarships, and work that I just don't have the time to make games.

There are, however, ideas that are baking in my machine when I do find the time. These are simply in the ideas stage.

Offgrid is a cyberpunk, open world "survival" game. The player character is a sort-of on-the-run hacker in a heavy surveillance society. Unlike most cyberpunk games, nations are not ruled solely by corporations (though they are still important), but have an NSA-like supragovernment. The player theoretically wants to go offgrid, that is, untraceable, so he is tasked with erasing information about himself. If the player makes a wrong move, he becomes hunted by a government hunter or a team of hunters, and must race against time to promptly disappear. Offgrid will have proper networks in-game (servers, routers, terminals, hubs, etc.) that control various aspects of the city and almost all equipment (cameras, cars, traffic lights, etc.) and will properly simulate true networks. Inventory and HUD, almost anything can be hacked or tampered with. I'm not sure if I will provide some sort of programming mechanism (maybe crafting) to create your own in-game virus and software, but that is an idea. I'm not sure currently what art style I want to use for Offgrid, though a 2.5D perspective may be best.

Offgrid Planned Features:
2.5D perspective
Simulated, realistic networking system
Survivalist gameplay
Hack everything and be hacked

Wormhole Eilis is a top down cross between X COM: Enemy Unknown and The Jeluvian Project, with sprinklings of  Pacific Rim and Lovecraft. Each turn is a ten second sliver of time with gridless movement. The player controls a special ops squad, but then may get a proper gigantic mecha to handle the more colossal nameless threats. It probably will be set in the near future, humanity will not have everyday, practical space travel, but have mecha for military applications. I'm not sure if it will be a government agency or squad, I dislike the nominal government agency type feel. A militia or terrorist thing won't work. I'm not much for a corporate, fraternal, or religious paramilitary either. So... that pretty much cover anything? (Just thought of a university based group, a school-based research paramilitary sounds cool) The wormhole in question will be open in a place in the ocean, quite possibly the Bermuda Triangle. I don't want any cyberpunk elements creeping here on purpose.

Wormhole Eilis Planned Features:
Giant mecha and monsters
Squad-based tactical strategy gameplay
Gridless movement

Aethernoughts was originally going to be a hard science fiction space carrier simulation, but I relegated that in favor of a steampunk/aetherpunk space/sky carrier simulation. The player is in control of a space carrier and can manufacture fighters, weaponry, and so on. The universe is filled with these carriers. Each carrier is an independent mini-city state (own economy, religion, diplomacy, etc.) and most are not hostile unless provoked. I am weighing whether or not I should lean towards more of the strategy side like a MOBA, or more on the simulation side for this. I imagine this will be touch based, as I am trying to penetrate the iOS and Android market. There will be no Pay-To-Win. Star Citizen, Forgotten Futures, Auralux, Pax Brittanica, Planetary Annihilation, the original MMO concept of End of Nations, FTL, Iron Sky, and Leviathans are my inspirations for this one. Depending on the final scale (solar system or planetary), carriers can fight ground forces and traverse asteroid fields.
very early screenshot

Aethernoughts Planned Features:
Customizable independent city-state steampunk skyship
Open world/universe
Real time strategy and simulation hybrid
Deploy craft, ground forces, superweaponry, harpoons, pods, etc.
Board other skyships
Kraken and space whales!

So those are the three I am working on in my sparest of times. All of them are being worked on in Game Maker: Studio.

I also just released TitanFlap, playable online and on mobile.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Part #3: Even More Questions

Check out Part 1 and Part 2!
Before going in some questions, here's a couple videos!

Now for some questions!
What's a good age to start dating?
A good age to start dating is when you were born. You know, you have to know the date of your birth, the date of your first words, when you first walked, and the first day you were potty trained by yourself.

As long you're mature enough and your parents think so, too, then I have no big opinion about it. I say your parents because you need a third opinion besides yourself. And they also can cause havoc on you.

Is there a certain age that kissing would be allowed? 
I kiss my mommy all the time. Probably when I was born I was kissed by my mommy. ^_^

My personal conviction is that one shouldn't kiss until the marriage altar. But you have your own convictions and I won't judge people for those. Just don't be dumb and get pregnant or something.

Is it smarter to date or court? 
I answer that in this post.

Why do so many "children" these days have boyfriends?
Because they want to?

Too much Disney channel or Disney movies, in my opinion. Grow up, kiddos.

No one necessarily should have a girlfriend or a boyfriend just cause they want to, right? 
Oh, absolutely. Some people are too selfish to be in any kind of relationship. They see another person as territory to be conquered or a toy to be trifled with.

Are you able to explain what emotional love is and why emotional love alone is not enough to be real love?
Emotional love doesn't last. It's all feeling and no action. And also selfish, sometimes.

Love is what is left after all the passion is gone. Some people confuse love with the passion, and passion is important, but it's not what all love is. It's the commitment beneath the passion that what makes love love. A commitment to that person, and that person only.

Emotions, however, is important. But it shouldn't be the only thing one relies to.

What are the components of real or mature love?
The Bible tells us in I Corinthians 13 that true love, or in the majestic vernacular of the King James, Charity suffereth long, and is kind, charity envieth not, charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil. Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in truth; Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Charity never faileth.

I don't think anyone can show that unconditional love without divine empowerment. But that is what true love is.

How many years should a person date before thinking about marriage?
I would say two to three years max, unless either one don't have the necessities (not done with school, doesn't have a job, doesn't have a house, etc.). Basically, don't be dumb and marry a guy if he can't support you. In this case, waiting longer might be better. Many marriage failures center around money or the lack thereof.

But if he does have the means, then the decision to commit needs to come quickly from him.

Is there a certain age difference that should be put in stone for two people dating?
I've seen very huge age differences that have worked out. Though if there is a big age difference, it needs to be worked out between both of them, that a couple won't fight over things.

I've found that girls are usually a couple of years more mature than guys are, as a general rule.

What are key ingredients to making any relationship work?
Communication is key. A relationship is only a relationship if each person is honest with each other. You can't love without communicating.

What are things that people should talk about before they get married?
People getting married should talk about their fundamental beliefs. Also, they should set in stone to never, ever even talk of divorce. As I said in a previous post, don't marry someone who you can find an easy way out.

Money is also one thing that needs to be talked about. So many times that couples focus on the romance that they forget the practical.

Thanks to Isabella Ustick for all the remaining questions!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Part #2: Thesis on Courtship and Dating and More Questions

Check out Part 1!
(Short) Thesis on Courtship and Dating
What is the difference between courtship and dating? Such a mystery many youth pastors, young Christian couples, Bible college students, and Sunday School teens try to solve.

According to a recent poll, over 60% of people do not know if they count their going out as dating. Obviously, there needs to be clarification in this issue.

I'm not arrogant enough to tell you I know the actual difference. But there is always the dictionary to turn to.

For myself, I usually define dating a hangout with romantic overtones before an engagement and/or without the aim of a future marriage. For courtship, it's planned after an engagement with a structured aim for a future marriage. Courtship often has the implicit approval of the girl's parents.

While not a universally recognized definition, it works for me. I've had very few dates (can count them on one hand), but no "courts" yet. Or are they still called dates?

The point is, set a personal conviction. Define boundaries. Commit to purity of body, soul, and spirit.

Whether you date or court, do all to the glory of God.

Now for questions!
Favorite love story movie/chick flick thing?
I don't watch these kinds of movies (DUH, cause I'm a guy). But if I had to pick one, Pride and Prejudice. I haven't even read the book, yet. It has contra dancing and British aristocratic mannerisms.

Eh, which love story in a Disney movie then?
Disney movies are classic. But they all had the same storyline. Frozen was really good, but not as a love story of a guy and a girl. That felt like it was just tacked on, and the focus was on the sisters'.... sisterhood. Probably the best one to me is either Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.

Why do most humans, me being the 99th Doctor I have two, not have two hearts?
At least you're not Inspector Spacetime who has no heart at all!

The Time Vortex energies was used by Rassilon to create Time Lords out of Gallifreyans. Not all Gallifreyans are Time Lords, as some offworlder may suspect. Normal Gallifreyans have only one heart. Time Lords, a class above Gallifreyans, have two.

Rassilon seeded the universe with Gallifreyan genetics so that everyone would look Gallifreyan. Apparently, that's why we all look Time Lord. Humans just lack the exposure to the Time Vortex. This also explains why River Song's exposure to the Time Vortex as a baby made her a Time Lady.

If you think I'm wrong, check out the TARDIS wikia.

Why does society think love is...what it shows in movies?
Art imitates life. Life imitates art. Movies imitate society. Society imitates movies. It never ends. It's like the chicken and egg. We know that God created the chickens first on the fifth day. But that doesn't stop people why they keep crossing the road or putting them in buckets and calling them Kentucky Fried.

We know that society has existed long before movies. But society has existed along side storytelling found in movies in the form of fairy tales. Did you know that Disney Princesses are actually from earlier princess stories? No way! The first-kiss,-love-in-first-sight type of love is very ancient, but only pervades modern society through movies.

Plato said that he cares not for who writes the laws, as long he writes the music. A Rothschild said that he also cares not who writes the laws, as long he controls the money supply.

Well, it turns out that movies have big music and big money associated with them. What this has to do with love, I have no idea.

There are different kinds of love.... how many words (Greek/Hebrew) for love are used in the Bible?
The Hebrew has two words for love: ahab and (c)hesed. Ahab is the closest to the everyday English meaning and use of the word love. (C)hesed is used for when a higher position loves a one of lower, particularly God loving us.

There is agape, philos, and eros for the Greek. Agape is God's pure love for us, and what each Christian should show to the brethren. Philos is the love of a friend to another, also used in Christian interaction. Eros can be translated as love or evil, often talking about the materialistic, pleasure, physical love.

There's another word for love in Greek called storge, but is not present in the Bible, denoting parental love.

Why can't I love and marry myself and my awesomeness?
You can always clone an opposite gendered person of yourself. Have you looked at this option? Might have some ethical, biological, and technological ramifications to consider, however.

I for one would not marry myself. That is wrong on so many levels. Even with my many, many multi-personalities, I would not be able to do it.

Why can't we marry an ant? Divorce would be easy. Squish it.
Have you ever heard of the saying that fish are friends, not food? Well, ants are not fishes.

Also, have you heard of "I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine? And he shall be my squishy.". Well, squishing denotes affection. But it is also gruesome and possibly murderous.

I will be politically correct and will not comment on how wrong it is to marry insects. People in Japan may be tickled pink. Someone there married a video game.

Okay... Why am I still living here on this dimension?

Do not marry someone just because you have an easy way out. Just saying.

Many thanks to Jonathan David Bloom, Adam De Kroon, and many others who contributed questions, etc.

Check out Part 1!

Valentine's Day Part #1: Questions and Pick Up Lines

Check out Part 2!
Let's do questions first.
Who is your current crush? Who was your first crush?
I like the orange soda, too. I don't have a Crush soda though. Just some apple cider. I wonder why the makers of Candy Crush haven't sued them yet?

Crushes make us young. I am frankly attracted to someone at the moment. She has blondish, brownish, long hair-ish. From College Plus? No names, lest I embarrass her. Cause she probably doesn't have a clue that I do. Maybe. ;)

I kept this answer intentionally vague. :P

My first crush's name was Millicent Rose in kindergarten. She's also the first girl I've taken a picture with. I have no idea where the picture is.

Why am I single?
There are countless alternate universes where you are NOT single. So have consolation in the fact that one of you in another alternate universe has a perfect girlfriend that loves you and cherishes you and marries you, happily ever after.

Unfortunately, travel between universes are not allowable by our current technology and/or laws of physics.

Why do we love?
We love because God has first loved us. And also, chocolate. Also, chemical interactions in our brains. Also, peer pressure. Also, the butterflies in our stomach and meeting someone's eyes. And knowing you will never going to be with that person.

Favorite love song(s)?
Right now, "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri, but also "My Girl" by the Temptations, and "Fur Elise" by Bach. Also, I call them sentimental songs, not love songs. Oh, and "Jesus Loves Me, This I Know"! :D

Courting or dating?
I subscribe to this thing called "courtation". Okay, I'm kidding. I will have my thesis on it post as separate, so check that out. I kinda define that dating is before engagement, and courting is after engagement.

Qualities in girls you like?
I only like girls who are virtuous, godly, good, beautiful, and single. Oh, and she must have cookies for me.

Who is my favorite historical couple?
I ship Adam and Eve, Valentine and Asterius' daughter, Doctor and River Song, Jesus Christ and His Bride (though technically a future thing). Bonnie and Clyde; and Marie and Pierre Curie did not make the list, unfortunately.

My favorite is probably Prince Albert and Queen Victoria of England. They are a model every family, royal or otherwise, should aspire to.

How did the heart morph from a fist-shaped organ to the cute little shape we see everywhere today?
The first instances of the use of the so-called geometric heart shape was during the Middle Ages in the use of decoration (Think of the decorated medieval books and Bibles with pictures). But it was not identified as a heart and a symbol of love until around the 13th century, where it was depicted as a pine cone shape in the hands of a knight giving it to his damsel in distress. It appears in various paintings from then on. The current form was finalized around the 14th or so century, and the hearts on playing card games came around the 15th.

In my opinion, the heart-shape is actually more accurate, but exaggerated, than it is given credit for. A normal heart has four chambers, and a somewhat pointed bottom. Also, Cupid cannot hit anyone with his heart arrows without the point. So it does have a practical purpose.

But yes, it went from a fist, to a pine cone, to a the pointed cardiod shape today.Neat, huh?

Which is better to give your Valentine, roses or chocolates?
Chocolate roses. Sprinkled with bacon. A whole bouquet. I don't care if you have money to afford this, steal, plunder, beg, save, invest, so you can have enough. Always, always go over the top on Valentine's Day for your love. Your Valentine will always have a fond memory of you. I promise.

Now for some pickup lines!
Christian pickups:
I've been reading the book of Numbers, and I realized I don't have yours.
Are you my babe in Christ?
Hi, my name is Will. God's Will.
Is your name Grace? Cause you are amazing.
Can I have your name and number for my prayer list?
Is that a mirror in your Bible? Cause you are reflecting the image of Christ.
Is it a sin to steal my heart?
Before this night, I never believed in predestination.
Is this pew taken?
I've picked out our chaperones.
You're a Proverbs 31 kind of woman.
Is your name Faith? Because you are the substance of things hoped for!

Doctor Who pickups:
Will you be my companion?
My heart for you is bigger on the inside.
Babe, you make both of my hearts skip a beat.
We have all of time and space to get acquainted.
Come along, Pond!
You're my fixed point in time.
You must be a weeping angel, because I can't take my eyes off you.

Bonus pickups:
Hey, do you have my hairbrush? Because you are a real peach. (Veggie Tales)

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any eye rolling, face slapping, indiscriminate laughter, cold shoulders, heart breaking or otherwise from the use of the above pickup lines. Use them at your own peril. I will, however, take credit for any engagements and marriages resulting from such use. And invite me to the wedding. Please. Or even have me officiate the wedding! :D

Thanks to Rikki Meek, Hannah Musick, Joshua Loomis, Drew Sproule, Skip Graham, Faith Burnside, Sarah Iddings, Garret Johnson, and everyone else who submitted a line or question or suggestion, or I did otherwise steal from you.

Check out Part 2!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Creation Debate Between Ken Ham and Bill Nye

If you want the debate in it's entirety:

My verdict: no clear winner.

The debate between Ken Ham, founder of Answers In Genesis; and Bill Nye, the Science Guy, yesterday, is the current trending topic. Here are my thoughts in their presentation:

Ken Ham started with laying down a worldview position and definition explanation in his 30 minute presentation. Much emphasis was placed on the difference between observational science and historical science, with testimonial videos from Creationist scientists all over the globe. During the rebuttals, Ken Ham had the upper hand in humor and also presented the gospel at varying points when appropriate. He remain reasonable throughout the debate, but he loses his composure towards the end, which greatly affected the audience's (online and live) opinions. His underlying thrust of the metaphysical worldview was blunted due to Nye's many questions.

Bill Nye started with an anecdotal story about his bow ties, and how cool they were (which is one thing I agree, bow ties are cool). He then barrages Ken Ham with many questions, makes him seems unfocused, but it was an effective technique of flooding that left Ham a bit disconcerted. Bill Nye also used sentimentality and personal attacks, much, much more as the debate went on. He also dismissed some of the evidences Ham that addresses directly some of the questions. Bill Nye gained so much steam in the end, but Ham uses the last moments to inject humor in the question and answer time.

In the end, to be fair to both, both had strong points but also blunders. Ken Ham's focus of a worldview underpinning was undermined by Nye's call for physical evidence, which Ham would have undoubtedly provided (all of the things Nye asked about were on his website) if the debate had longer went on. And I do wish the debate had gone on longer.