Sunday, December 25, 2011

Indie Games and Economics: Why The Economic Downturn Is Good for Indies

As I was studying economics, I came across the fact that indie games are inferior goods. That is, inferior goods have an inverse relationship with the economy; the more the economy lowers, the more of the inferior good is bought. In contrast, a normal good is sold more when incomes rise, and not vice versa.

Why is this? It is because that indie games are seen as an substitute product compared to commercial games. The more the economy recedes, the less income that people receive, and the more people will be attracted to indie games, which are often priced lowly.

When the economy rises once more, the "Year of the Indie" will end, unless independent game developers will change the way consumers of average America view their games.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Game Designer Argument for Creationism

I present you two hypothetical incidents that will generate a game. Which is more likely?

A. Random generation of code.
B. A programmer typing code.

Of course, B.) is the answer. But if an evolution and naturalism is to be believed, A.) is more likely.

The universe is so complex, and organized, I can only fathom that a Designer created it.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Purpose

This blog is made to explore three of my favorite things: God, girls, and game design(plus other words the start with 'g'). Hence the name. Combining these three aspects(God being spiritual, girls emotional/psychological, and game design logical/theoretical) into a game design blog with a Christian perspective and a hint of teenage randomness.

I will cover:
1. The Game Designer Argument for Creation
2. Having a Biblical Perspective in Gaming
3. Exploiting Psychological Differences between Genders in Designing Games
4. Independent Game Development and Independent Baptists

and so and on.