Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Ideas of Perfection and Originals in the Bible

Some very high level concepts and observations.

Perfection in the Bible:
In heaven, it is instant. (God Himself, the only Perfect One)
In earth, it is a process. (seven day Creation and Jesus having to grow up instead of being instantly grown)

Originals in the Bible:
In heaven, it is perfect. (God Himself, the only Original One)
In earth, since perfection is a process, only the things after the original can be perfect, and the original is more of a blank slate. Innocence of an original is not perfection. (Adam vs Second Adam, or Bondwoman of the Law vs Freewoman of Grace in Galatians)

The heavenly vs earthly contrast can also be seen as Greek/Western ideas versus Hebrew/Eastern ideas, but both are true, just different in operation depending on location.