Sunday, July 29, 2012

CollegePlus! Forums Post-Election 10.0 Summary

The Valiant Defender's Party and the Biblical Stewardship started campaigning way before the election race even kicked off.
The Valiant Defender's Party was called WW3 Veterans of Ballistics Party until its name was changed for more politically correctness. Meanwhile, the Biblical Stewardship Party gets organized.

The VDP is the first to get a Esther endorsement.

The Biblical Stewardship follows.

The Unity Party is organized.

The Unity gets its Esther endorsement just before the Elections Debate.

The "I lost the Prezzie" Party is revealed.

The Elections Debate on Skype, hosted by Esther, is attended by VDP Joshua Loomis and Samx(me!), and BSP Heather M and Caleb J.

A dual endorsement by Samx and Esther is made for ILTP

Unity wins the election with 39 votes! VDP follows with 28, BSP with 27, and ILTP with 11.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Love U-........kuleles & Youth Conference

     It's stuck in my head! I heard it first at a skit at Youth Conference. It was a fun time, and possibly my last youth conference I will attend, unless I come back as a chaperone or counselor or something.

     I made some decisions for Christ at the Conference. Many did, too. No less than 119 people got saved under the preaching of Jack Schaap, Kenny Baldwin, Eddie Lapina, Chris Tefft, and other great men of God. Some of my youth group were called to preach. I renewed my commitment to preaching the gospel.

Here are some pictures:
High Street Youth Department at First Baptist Church Hammond

The Chicago Bean

My sisters, with David Riggs on the background.

The guys that sang "I Love Ukuleles". Singles' session.

Guy with an epic backpack. XD

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tower Defense Doesn't Make Sense

Tower defense. It just doesn't make sense to me. But then, nothing in video games do if you really looked hard enough. Especially if you're an indie.

Tower defense is a genre of video games that concerns putting towers to inhibit and delay advancing waves of enemies that usually travel along a path to a main base. Some innovators of the genre include multiple lanes of advancing waves, playing as the advancing army instead of the tower builder, flying enemies, random paths, random towers, and whatnot. It is almost a brother to real time strategy, howbeit without movable units.

However fun to play, though, it just doesn't make sense!

Why would an advancing army ignore the towers in the way? Why don't they just destroy them when they encounter it, like all good RTSes. Its like the creator is making fun of your intelligence of tactics and strategy. No one is dumb enough to do that!

But I guess that's what makes tower defense games a bit more popular than normal real-time strategy games. RTSes make you think about how to attack and defend from a smart AI. Thinking is hard work.

In contrast, tower defense has only one strategy for the enemy AI, advance blindly onto the battlefield to the main base, ignoring all defenses! If that was an RTS commander, he would get slaughtered quickly.

So in essence, tower defense games are replays of the same thing over and over again, a failed and foolhardy AI attack in an RTS.