Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Short Story: A Multiverse of Answers

I loved her. I loved her so much.

But she didn't. I don't think she did. I though she did. But she does not now.

I made too many mistakes. But I don't even know what they were. It was way too sudden.

I need answers. Why did you leave me? Why did you not want me anymore?

But how do I regain her back?

I don't.

Travel to the past is impossible. The past is finished and closed.

Yet, there are many other universes where it all turned out differently.

Many other instances of her flitting around.

So I traveled to another present.

I met her again in one dimension.

She had no chronic illness.

She shied from me.

I met her again in the next.

She moved up north.

She approached me.

But was she really her?

Was she really the one I loved?

I need answers.

I must go back to her. I must.

And the many universes bubbled and frothed in the great sea of possibilities we call God's foreknowledge.