Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Game Designer Argument for Creationism

I present you two hypothetical incidents that will generate a game. Which is more likely?

A. Random generation of code.
B. A programmer typing code.

Of course, B.) is the answer. But if an evolution and naturalism is to be believed, A.) is more likely.

The universe is so complex, and organized, I can only fathom that a Designer created it.


  1. Yet the obvious flaw in your argument is that you are starting B with a created human, who was created with intellectual powers, etc.

    The beginning of the earth is actually more impossible than either of these options. It is either, essentially, random generation of code...or it is that out of the nothingness, there is somehow an entity (the programmer), who then programs the code.

    If we are given computers which lack intelligence, if not programmed into them, and intelligent beings, then of course it's more likely that the intelligent being creates a program than that the non-intelligent computer does. However, given nothingness existing at the start for both, then both theories require something to come from nothing. It is as fantastic to think that God was created without a creator as to think that the universe was. To believe in God does not remove the question of origins; it merely puts origins before an infinite time, so that we don't have to deal with it.

    1. It is always assumed that God didn't have a creator, a Being always existing in Eternity and not bound by Time(thus not needing a beginning). Hence, He is the First Cause. A god that is created is not God.