Monday, May 7, 2012

Operation Mission Vacation

Incoming Transmission...

Flew from Port Columbus International to Chicago O'Hare to Seoul Incheon International Airport.
     The flight time consisted of 24 hours overall, about two hours per time zone crossed. This includes time spent in the airport waiting.
Watched the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea.
     Witnessed the North Koreans threaten to launch a nuclear missile, thinly disguised as a spacecraft carrying a satellite.

Flew from Seoul Incheo International to Manila Ninoy Aquino International.
Transported to Baguio City, Philippines.
     This city is my birthplace. I still somewhat recognized it apart from its now-hotter weather and smoky buildings. My family stayed in my grandma's house.

"Operation" Finished
     This trip has a threefold purpose: "Operation", a surgery; "Mission", a missions trip; and "Vacation", a time of relaxation. My dad had surgery on various parts of his body. Since the healthcare system was slow back in the West, my family decided to have it in Asia, where medical operations do not need much paperwork. I thank all that prayed for him! He had some tumors and growths that were removed and he recovered in two weeks.

"Mission" Finished
     My family went around the country to minister to several small churches. We provided some free tracts from the Fellowship Tract League of Lebanon, Ohio; helped in distributing said tracts and helped in soulwinning and visitation; sang some specials in church services; preached sermons for the congregations; and basically helped around, like missionaries. Here they are in order of attendance:

 Baguio Family Independent Baptist Church
 Victory Baptist Church
     My first church, the church of my childhood. The church celebrated a reunion of its pioneer members and the anniversary of my dad and mom. I preached a short message on "Celebration".
 Cornerstone Baptist Church
     This church has an awesome youth group, by the way. Well, all of these churches do, but this is the first that struck me as different from, say, American youth groups.
 Fishers of Men Baptist Church
 Makhasi Irisan Baptist Church
 Mountain View Lighthouse Baptist Church
     Pastored by my uncle Jovito Garcia. This church is in the middle of a tribal territory high up in the mountains. I taught Sunday School with my sisters and cousins as my dad preached in the main auditorium. The people here were very kind to us. It was somewhat strange living inside the church for the weekend.
 Bethany Makati Baptist Church
      Attended the "Youth Quest", an annual youth conference. This church has its own Christian school and Bible college and many daughter and granddaughter churches. Bethany Makati solidified my view on the "advanced" state of spirituality here, especially among the young people.

"Vacation" Finished
     To top it all off, we toured and went sightseeing and shopped and reunited with other friends and family. We went to the beach several times, particularly San Fabian and Lingayen. In Lingayen, we also visited a World War II Memorial, the site where General McArthur returned with the American forces in helping liberate the islands from the Japanese. I met many of my cousins, uncles, and aunts; nevermind that some of them were second and third cousins removed.

Transported to Manila City, Philippines.
Flew from Manila Ninoy Aquino International to Seoul Incheon International to Chicago O'Hare to Port Columbus.

Status: Operation Mission Vacation Accomplished

This message will self-destruct in T-minus 10 seconds.

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