Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Book: Secret Sabotage

We at CP Group Churchill have written a book! I did the basic plot for it, but it was the writers and editors that brought it to life. I present... Secret Sabotage!

As the war effort against Hitler ramp up in England, more threats await Winston Churchill than he knows. Even as he declares his readiness to fight, "in France, in the seas, and on the oceans," his close friend and long time associate, Brendan Bracken must fight to protect him from a Nazi plot which even Churchill could not have conceived. Meanwhile Victoria Livingstone, Churchill's ward, must confront her difficult past to fight from the home front, which has unknowingly become the most treacherous front of the war. Can they save Churchill from the Nazi's sabotage, which has the capacity to alter the course of history?

Authors: Andrew Eddy, Sarah Eddy, Tori Larson
Editor-In-Chief: Will LaValley
Publisher: Daniel Diedrich
Cover Illustrator: Joshua Cole
Planning: Samuel Garcia, Katie Follett
Proofreaders: Jonathan Lyons, Aaron Campbell

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