Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Of Stocks and Options...

So, I have forayed into the world of the stock market. I haven't made much considerable gains yet, my strategy is mostly a "buy-and-hold" technique for the long-term. Right now, I only recommend buying Apple (AAPL) stock as it gave me the biggest gains so far, and it is assumed to even rise even more. (I do regret selling some shares of it now to invest in 3D printing, but hey, that could give returns as well, so I'm not too bad).

My stock portfolio is a mix of North and South American company shares ranging from oil, to steel, to gold, to land, but the largest piece are technology stocks.

So yeah, right now, it's mostly a loss, because of the recession, but my strategy is long-term investing for the most part, as to avoid sentiments of fear and greed, the ever simple "buy low, sell high". I experimented with short-term gains, but the commission is too much of a factor for quick profits.

I also have my sights on options trading, but it's proving either complicated or that I do not have enough money to invest to start in it. I am studying it, to make preparations for the future.

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