Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dealing with Disappointment

I had a disappointing weekend. On Friday, dated conveniently the Friday the 13th, my trip to the Mid Ohio Valley youth conference was canceled. Of course, there was snow everywhere. The day after, I was supposed to attend my first CollegePlus! gathering. Then another snowstorm came.

I can handle this situation in many ways. I can be selfish and complain. I can reiterate how unfair this is. I can wish the winter away. I can sulk and post things on Facebook that I will regret someday.

And then He tells me all the things He has done for me. He gave me protection and love. He gave me a good church and a good youth group. He saved me from hell. I remember....

But, all in all, this disappointment is nothing in light of eternity. In light of His grace and His goodness. His mercy.

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