Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Quest for the Perfect Girl(?)

Since the blog is entitled "God, Girls, and Game Design", but it still didn't have anything about girls in it, I decided to create this first post about them! Enjoy!

Does a "Perfect Girl" Actually Exist?

It really boils down to the definition of "perfect" one uses. If one means "perfect" to denote someone who is sinless, flawless, and all-around amazing, no such girl exists. However, if "perfect" means someone who is right for a guy, someone whom God has picked to be his "soulmate", then that girl may actually exist. "Perfect" can also mean "mature, complete". Truly mature girls are rare, even though some girls think they are mature. But I've seen enough to know they aren't an endangered species.

The Bible tells of a "virtuous woman", whose price is "above rubies". Rubies are rarer and more expensive than diamonds. This, I believe, is the definition of a "perfect girl".

My Very General List

The Lord has led me to list the qualities of the girl I would hope to marry someday. My wish list, if you will.

1. She must be saved.
I can't marry a heathen! This really is, while not the most important part, the most primary part. God says I can't yoke myself with an unbeliever.

2. She must be spiritual.
This is not the same as being saved. Saved girls can also be not spiritual. She should at least know her Bible well enough. This is even more paramount than the first, but it is impossible to achieve this without the first.

3. She must be smart.
I'm doomed. As long she is not stubborn. I can work with that.

4. She must be beautiful.
Of course. Why not? *wink* In reality, the beauty of a girl is, as often cliched, "inside". As long that "inside" beauty shines outward. She should have at least enough sense to take care of herself. And she should be naturally beautiful without makeup. I hate it when girls think that their makeup actually makes them more pretty. It DOESN'T!

5. She must be modest.
This is more important than you think. At least something should be covering her knees at all times. And maybe I should demand Victorian elegance?

6. She must be a bit shy.
Really extroverted girls are okay, but to me, they are not date-able or marriageable. Especially if she talks to random guys. So simply, a girl who doesn't flirt.

7. She must be faithful.
Girls are fickle, according to my experience.

That list only applies to me. It appeals to my taste and values. If you have a different conviction, then follow that conviction. This list is for me, not you. If you are a girl interested in me, then you must at least have the first one got down. If you don't know how to get saved, click here. Then talk to me. And then actually work on acquiring the other things on the list.

The Quest So Far?

Hmmm... The quest is actually going on well, thank you. I've weeded out the girls that don't fit the list and looking into girls that have at least some of the qualities presented here. I've tested some girls that have stood out as the most likely candidates.

One day, I will find her. I do not know who she is yet. But I know God has someone planned for me. *wink*

In Christ,
The Gentleman X

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