Friday, March 23, 2012

Sam's List of Nicknames

I'm transferring my old blog post from Xanga to here, if no one minds.

I have a lot of names, aliases, a.k.a.s throughout my short life. This blog post is mainly for my personal use, but you can answer the question at the end :)

Rosario (middle name)
Sam (most used)
Jesse (alternate identity)
John Deere (a mispronounciation)
Sammy (only close people can call me this!)
Sammy boy (my name from Brin Washington)
Toucan Sam (bestowed by our late academic environmental engineer; used when I play basketball)
the Dark Crusader (High St. Crusader fan name)
Sam the man (bestowed by Chad Wilson Mainous the Great himself, also Bro. Chris and Dr. Burns)
Sam I Am (a nickname for the outgoing, good side, credit goes to Bro. Bro)
Samma Slamma Jamma (the bad boy counterpart of Sam I Am, named by Kyle Pink)
Sambo (like Rambo, bestowed by the coolest cat Jason W!)
Sambellina (seriously Bro. Chris?)
Samantha (!?! GRRRR:P)
Sammalammadingdong (Bro. Chris again)
Samurai (bestowed by Nick the Ninja B)
Samurai Sam (forever immortalized in youth conference skits)
Secret Agent Man (S.A.M. James Bond-like entity. Very sneaky and stealthy. Bestowed by Anthony and Chad)
Professor (when I get smart alecky, credit to Mrs. Priest, my 5th grade teach)
the Messenger (one of favs, a camero appearance)
Evil Sam (the dark side...)
Dictator (a girl in my 6th grade class gave that name)
Prophet (the fire and brimstone preaching Baptist. Bestowed by David MQ "King". We are the PAK, prophets angel, and king)
gmx0 (my internet username, I usually use this one)
Samwise Maganji (from LOTR, named by K Pink)
Josef Stalin (supplants Dictator, Jayme Woolever)
The Original Dot (named from CP! forum chat Jessi "Skywalker2" and Rikki)
Uncle Sam (for obvious reasons, very patriotic. my nieces and nephews call me that)
Gentleman X to the Zeroth Degree (what gmx0 stands for)
Samx (named by the aweshum Esther Mielke)
Samy (name as a combination of Samx and Sammy, from Dawson)
Samz (an alternate form of Samx from Esther, "Samx, Samy, Samz")
Sambraro (named by Brittany Proffitt)
Grandfather Paradox (for my time travel tendecies...)
Big Brother (by my sisters and others, after the honourable leader of 1984)
Big Brother Uncle Sam (double whammy!) 
Jimmy (a result of not knowing my real name, which is disguised by gmx0 , from Joseph from CP!)
Gimmy (same as above, from Jacob Clifton)
Samol (nick from Chelsea, since I pick on her alot and called her "Chilsay" XD)
Shamol (alternate spelling)
Samy the Hamy (from my CP! sis Victoria)
Jazz (made permanent by Linda)
sammyx  (given by Carreen for my stealing of a nickname, but I don't exist ;)
Sam-sam (given by my CP! niece Sofia)
Doctor Who (Whitney's discovery)
The XD guy (credit goes to Luke Remelgado)
Samsung (credit goes to Maggie/Maglite/Magnut)
S@m (Joshua Cole)
Awe-Sam (Thyanne)

The Prime Minister (from running the VDP)
That dude with the top hat (Celticball)
Grey Eminence
Baptist Memes Guy, Baptist Memes Dude (from running @baptistmemes)
That cool Asian kid with a bow tie (Shawnee youth conference)
Billy bob (Shawnee youth conference)
Sans (from Undertale)
The Saint of the Sacred Darkness
Mr. Celestial Body (given by an Insta-follower @a_changed_rebel)
Samta Claucia (@misseejokjv24)
All-Consuming Starry Darkness

Do you have nicknames and what are they?


  1. Can't help it... My dad has called me "Samalamadingdong" since I was born. Kinda neat to see someone else with the same nickname. ;)

    Technically my name is "Sam" so that doesn't really constitute a nickname, and don't EVER call me Sammy. ;) I guess I'm not really a nicknamy person... Hmmm. Maybe I need to find some more creative friends!

    1. Lol. XD I guess I'll call you Sammie, instead.

  2. Haha, I happened to stop by to pay a visit to your blog... and I saw my name! Honored that made it on your list. ;)

  3. I'm petrified that I made the list! Lol! But he so deserved it! He picks on me a ton!