Wednesday, June 19, 2013

iTARDIS: Converting the iPod Touch into a Police Box

Ever dream of creating the ultimate Doctor Who themed iDevice? Well, apart from creating a TARDIS iPod from scratch, this is what you can do.

1. Download a TARDIS police box wallpaper and TARDIS console wallpaper into your iDevice. Google Images will suffice. The Dropbox app is particularly helpful for taking images from your computer to your iPod, and that is how I downloaded it.

Alternatively, you can search for the images, hold down your finger and "Save Image" will pop up. Check out how to save images from Safari here.

2. Go to the Camera app. Go to the Gallery of Photos. Set the TARDIS police box wallpaper as the Lock Screen of your iPod.

3. Set the TARDIS console wallpaper  as the Home Screen of your iPod.

Voila, a smartphone that is bigger on the inside! Well, smartphones are already bigger on the inside, as one of my friends pointed out.

1. Get a TARDIS iPod case. The ones they sell at the Doctor Who Experience museum are the best. However, it's only sold on that location, so I settled for a TARDIS Squigglecase.
 Amazon: TARDIS iPod case
2. Fill up your iPod with Doctor Who apps. There is a Doctor Who puzzle mobile game thingy, a Dalek synthesizer voice app, a third-party sonic screwdriver app... now if only I could find a proper time travel app, I shall be happy.

 There is now an official Sonic Screwdriver app, Virtual TARDIS app, and the Doctor Who: Legacy game!

Images used:

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Update: Here are some more TARDIS consoles!


  1. My friend has the Dalek voice manipulation app and we've spent many a hilarious meeting making recordings of my voice spewing out Dalek-cliches. I'll have to send this to him...he's a Whovian as well and would love to have an iTARDIS!!!

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