Saturday, August 9, 2014

Shawnee Baptist Youth Conference '14: Power Up #SBCYC14

Quick Rundown:
The Shawnee Baptist Youth Conference is the best youth conference I have been to, many times. I've been to Hammond and Grace Baptist Teen Skitacular and a host of many smaller ones, but I love Shawnee's.

My public Facebook album for this year's.

I believe the last time I was in Shawnee was in 2009. Here is the welcome video.
The first time I was in Shawnee was in 2008.

After piling up the suitcases, we left around 8 am in the morning towards Louisville, KY.
Funny orientation video.
First split session. I was at the College & Career class. Bro. Moon preached.
Kenny Baldwin ended the evening.

Hurricane Bay are belong to us. The wave pool and lazy river were my places to swim.
I met VDP Chief Justice Joshua Speer in the evening service.
Deal or No Deal game.
Bro. Miller preached. Speer left as it ended. Got to meet the family first.
I was arranged by Bro. Reno Likins to have a church date with a lady named Genna before he preached. Apparently, he has some mad matchmaking skills.
I gave Genna my VDP business card. At the end of the sermon, we went our separate ways.

The last day of the preaching part of the conference.
Split session with Dr. Miller. He dubbed me "Sam the Man". People kept on asking me if I had a good date or if I got Genna's number yet.
Larry Chappell preached on "All Systems Go".
Dave Delaney ended with the sermon "Power Up".
Chaperoned the guys to McDonalds. Nick yelled at them.

The last official day of the conference, held at Kentucky Kingdom. Free drinks with a wristband.
Met some new friends. A couple Whovians. People who kept on asking me if I had made a move yet.
Rides. All you can eat lunch that ended abruptly. Sea lions. More rides.
I saw Chinee, old friend of mine from Grace Baptist of Delaware, Ohio.
Preached a little sermon in the bus.
Toured the creepy tunnels under the church.
Cici's in the middle of nowhere for dinner... and two other churches chanced upon the same one.

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