Friday, November 7, 2014

Seven Reasons Why I am KJV Only

by Samuel Garcia

This is an old post from a forums.

Translation, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is superior to the originals. 

The law of first mention in scripture bears witness to this fact. 

II Sam. 3:10
10 To translate the kingdom from the house of Saul, and to set up the throne of David over Israel and over Judah, from Dan even to Beersheba.

As David's kingdom was superior to Saul's kingdom, the KJV is superior to the original.

Hebrews 11:5
5 By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.

As Enoch was superior to the original Adam, the KJV is superior to the original.

A perfect God can take a perfect Book and make a perfect Translation and will. And all evidence points that it being the KJV. 

A study of the KJV translators is amazing. They far exceed all our language(and other subjects) scholars of the day. It's been said that they debated about Greek in Latin (while speaking Latin). And yet they were the most humble men. Humility is sign of the Holy Spirit.

One can see this truth by reading the Prefatory and Dedicatory remarks in the Authorized Version. These men didn't believe they were handling "God's message" or "reliable manuscripts." They believed they were handling the very words of God Himself. As I Thessalonians 2:13 says, they ". . . . received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe." 
Like the serpent of Genesis 3:1, modern translators approach the scriptures in skepticism, saying, "Yea, hath God said?" This was the first recorded sin in the Bible, and it still runs rapid through the hearts and minds of most scholars and new versionpromoters.

2. The KJV is the only translation that fulfills the prophecy of the seven purifications:
Psalms 12:6
The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.

As any student of English Bible history knows, the Authorized Version of 1611 was not the first Bible to be translated into English. But even though hundreds of complete Bibles, New Testaments, and Scripture portions have been translated into English since 1611, it is obvious that the Authorized Version is the last English Bible; that is, the last English Bible that God "authorized."
And thus we have our answer. The seven English versions that make the English Bibles up to and including the AuthorizedVersion fit the description in Psalm 12:6 of the words of the Lord being "purified seven times" are Tyndale's, Matthew's, Coverdale's, the Great Bible (printed by Whitechurch), the Geneva Bible, the Bishops' Bible, and the King James Bible.

3. God does not respect the originals.
Jeremiah 36:22
Then took Jeremiah another roll, and gave it to Baruch the scribe, the son of Neriah; who wrote therein from the mouth of Jeremiah all the words of the book which Jehoiakim king of Judah had burned in the fire: and there were added besides unto them many like words.

In this passage, the originals of what is today the book of Jeremiah and Lamentations were destroyed by the king. And there were added many like words! And the originals were not.

And also, no one knows where the originals are. All our Hebrew and Greek manuscripts are simply copies. Anyone who tells you they are studying the original Hebrew and Greek is a liar.

That is to say, practically every Bible language class of the Greek and Hebrew are based on the corrupt 5% manuscripts, not the established 95%. This is where our new translations come from, the Bible scholars of our day are scholars of the very corrupt eclectic texts of Wescott and Hort. If they make claims to have studied the originals, run. Run far away.

4. The power of the KJV across time and space.

Jesus said that every good tree will bring forth good fruit, and we can know them by their fruits (Matthew 7:17-20).

The KJV is the Bible of the Great Awakenings and the revivals after that. It is the Bible of our Founding Fathers and the American Revolution, a direct offspring of the Great Awakenings. Only with the KJV did we see great missionary movements. 

When the first English Revised Version in the 1900s, much revival work stopped. The ERV was made into the American Revised Version and the New American Revised Version, which is the root translation of the ESV. This was the start of the translation craze where we get all new versions. The chief editor of the NASV writes after the process:

I must under God denounce every attachment to the New American Standard Version. I'm afraid I'm in trouble with the Lord...We laid the groundwork; I wrote the format; I helped interview some of the translators; I sat with the translator; I wrote the preface. When you see the preface to the New American Standard, those are my's wrong, it's terribly wrong; it's frightfully wrong...I'm in trouble;...I can no longer ignore these criticisms I am hearing and I can't refute them. The deletions are absolutely frightening...there are so many. The finest leaders that we have today haven't gone into it new versions of Hort and Westcott's corrupted Greek text just as I hadn't gone into it...that's how easily one can be deceived...Are we so naive that we do not suspect Satanic deception in all of this?
If we could hear His voice we would have no trouble learning His Word from the Authorized Version. Let me tell you this: You might not be able to answer the arguments, and you won't be [able to]. I can't answer some of them, either. Some of these university professors come along and say, What about this; what about that? They go into areas that I haven't even had time to get into.

As I said to you a couple of minutes ago. You don't need to defend yourself, and you don't need to defend God's Word. Don't defend it; you don't need to defend it; you don't need to apologize for it. Just say, "Well, did this version or this translation come down through the Roman stream? If so, count me out. Whatever you say about Erasmus and Tyndale, that's what I want."

And besides this, we've had the AV for 362 years. It's been tested as no other piece of literature has ever been tested. Word by word; syllable by syllable. And think even until this moment no one has ever found any wrong doctrine in it, and that's the main thing. He that wills to do the will of God shall KNOW the doctrine.

Well, time is up. Let's be people of the Book. It took my mother to heaven; and my dad, my grandfather, my grandmother. It was Moody's Book; it was Livingstone's Book. J.C. Studd gave up his fortune to take this Book to Africa. And I don't feel ashamed to carry it the rest of my journey. It's God's Book.

"Our Father, we thank Thee and praise Thee for Thy Word. Help us to love it, and preach it, and teach it, and tell everybody we can the Good News through thy Word. In Jesus' name. Amen."

Dr. Frank Lodgson

1 Corinthians 14:33
33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

And what is confusion but many versions running around?

The King James Bible was not translated during the apostate and lukewarm Laodicean church period, like the new translations. The Laodicean period is the last church period before the Second Coming of Christ. It is the last of the seven church periods in Revelation chapters two and three. One can clearly see that we are living in the Laodicean period today by simply comparing modern churches to the church of Revelation 3:14-22. This lukewarm period began toward the end of the 1800's and will continue until Christ returns. The new versions fit well into the lukewarm churches, because they are lukewarm "bibles."

5. The KJV is the only one that claims full inspiration and preservation and infallibility.

What other version of the Bible can say this? None. There are no defenders of (insert corrupt version here) of its inspiration. Only the KJV boasts such members.

As one points out, all new translations compare themselves to the KJV first. Just the fact that the KJV is mentioned brings great emotional response. And emotional responses are a sign of spiritual warfare.

All apparent "errors" in the KJV can be explained through prayer and a careful study of the scriptures. 
Ninety-five percent of all evidence SUPPORTS the text of the King James Authorized Version. The new versions are supported by the remaining five percent evidence.

I vouch for this. There is no other book I can feel the Spirit living within its pages. All "errors" I have now seen promulgated in the libraries of man I can easily show not to be an error by simply cross-referencing.

6. The English language dominates the world. The KJV was translated in the most perfect form of English.

God's Word is always primarily in the language His people will use it.

In Israel's time, it was in Hebrew, for it only applied to them.

In the apostle's time, it was in Greek (both OT and NT). In the fulness of time when Greek was the trade language did Jesus come.

Today, what is the prevailing language of God's people? What is the trade language of the world?

This is why you shouldn't fear Chinese nor another language overtaking English. It is our Bible that holds that barrier.

Those that are scholars of Greek and Hebrew set themselves up as priests and interpreters and scribes. We have a living, breathing English Bible right here! It's alive, brother!

There is a common misconception that the KJV translators used the English of their day to translate the Bible. That is not true. "You" already replaced "thou". Words and usages in it were already archaic in their day(1611). In other words, the English of the 1611 Bible is not from 1611.

A serious, deep study of it leads to the fact that it is indeed the most perfect translation of the Hebrew and Greek in English. For example, "Thou" is a singular pronoun. In modern day English, we replace it with the word "you", which can be both singular and plural. However, in the Hebrew and Greek, there are singular pronouns, and "thou" is the correct translation.

Sounds trivial? NO! "You" can mean groups of people. When it replaces "thou", it removes individuality of a passage, and will lead to serious doctrinal errors.

Luke 22:31
31 And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:
32 But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.

The Greek is plural for you in 31, while thou is singular in Greek. In that light, we know that Satan was desiring of all the disciples, not only Peter. This passage is fulfilled in Acts when Peter rises up as the leader and indeed strengthens his brethren.

Exodus 4:15
15 And thou shalt speak unto him, and put words in his mouth: and I will be with thy mouth, and with his mouth, and will teach you what ye shall do.

Thou refers to a singular Moses, but ye refers to Israel.

7. The KJV is the only translation which magnifies Him, Our Lord Jesus Christ, fully. 
There is no question that new translations always question the Deity, Virgin Birth, Death, Resurrection somewhere

Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: And they are they which testify of me. John 5:39

With that I have no time left, I have to get to church. I still have more material to post. :D I have written why the KJV is superior to other translations, and partly why it is superior to the originals, and I shall touch on more on the latter.

If the KJV is indeed the Word of God, and since it is the power of God in the Awakenings and the great Philadelphian Church Age of yesteryear, it would be more conducive to the Church to set it back on its rightful place. Of course, that will not happen in this lukewarm Laocidean Church, where people are forced to compromise for the sake of "fellowship". Having no rifts and no division sounds mamby-pamby, kumbayah, everyone loves everyone, and all that, but it's not the best, especially over a very, very important thing, which is the Bible and doctrine.

Matthew 10:34
34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

That sword is God's Word. God's Word must divide. And indeed it will divide, divide us in doctrine, which gives rise to different denominations; and it will divide us in its words, which gives rise to opinions of translations. We must be divided on these issues because they are the roots, and without them, whatever we are means nothing. If we compromise on these things, corruption is quick to take over as leaven in bread and whatever peace we achieve is pointless. 

Over other non-important things we shouldn't be divided, but since in this issue, there is only one true Word and only one true doctrine. The only time we are to be united is under one true Word and one true doctrine. And history shows that the Church was indeed united under the King James Bible only for about 300 years. And those were the best years of the Church until He comes.


  1. 7. "The KJV is the only translation which magnifies Him, Our Lord Jesus Christ, fully."

    "There is no question that new translations always question the Deity, Virgin Birth, Death, Resurrection somewhere." I would ask you for some reference on this. By all means, there are translations that do this. However, making gross generalizations such as this is a very dangerous thing to do. Take the NASB and show me somewhere that it questions a fundamental doctrine of the Faith.

    "Having no rifts and no division sounds mamby-pamby, kumbayah, everyone loves everyone, and all that, but it's not the best, especially over a very, very important thing, which is the Bible and doctrine." I think I understand what you're saying here, but the way it's worded gives a different idea. If I'm understanding what you're suggesting, you are trying to say that it is good that we disagree on various doctrinal points. However, while I agree that diversity serves to build up, it is dangerous accept complete rifts. We are one Body, and as such, we should be united. We should disagree, yes. However, we need to nonetheless be united and of one mind, debating aspects about which we disagree, but being one Body of Christ and not allowing our debates to cause rifts between us.

    I Corinthians 1:10: Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.

  2. I just wrote a very lengthy comment that replied to almost every point you made, but I could only publish 4000 characters in a single comment. I therefore split it into many comments, and tried submitting each section as a separate comment. I spent a good hour or more writing it, but for some reason, only the last one got published. I don't have the time or spirit in me to write it all over again right now, but maybe sometime in the future I can rewrite it and show some more points I disagree with that can hopefully spark some interesting conversations.

  3. Council of Nicea = KJV and nothing about the Holy Spirit was there in that meeting.

    1. The Council of Nicea has very little to do with the KJV.