Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5Buttons Experimental Gameplay: Neenjah Inna WearHauz

"A neenjah inna wearhauz, you've gotta bee kiddin'!"

This was a very interesting competition for game designers. I played around with a few ideas, finally settling to base my gameplay on a game called Lazarus, with a control twist. The competition only allowed for the number 1-5 buttons to simulate the control scheme of Unita Zero.

My entry is aptly named "Neenjah Inna WearHauz". You play a ninja trapped... in all places... a warehouse. For some reason, boxes are falling and you can only stop them by pressing the "STOP" buttons on either side of the screen. To do so, you need to climb your way on the boxes, but avoid being squished. The player starts on "3" and can jump to the right by pressing "4". He can then jump again by pressing "5". Likewise, he can jump back to the left by jumping on "4". And so on and so forth. If the player has reached either "1" or "5", he can press the button again to jump in the previous direction("1" makes the player jump left indefinitely, while "5" goes to the right indefinitely).

Overall, it was tough designing for a platform I have never seen or heard of before. I hope the players will like it!

My entry Neenjah Inna WearHauz:

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