Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Postmortem: The Chase Unrequited

I created this game for a special someone for Valentine's Day.

I didn't have time to browse for a better fitting music than the Carpenters' love song "Close To You". My mom liked it, so I was forced to keep it. Alternatively, I am willing to experiment with "Fur Elise" or classical love pieces.

The gameplay itself is a clone of "qrp", which was created by "th15" from created the popular Battleships Forever). Basically, you move the guy around with the Arrow Keys, trying to "catch the girl", so to speak. The girl avoids you like crazy. My addition to this is the "Moods" that floats around the character's head to indicate their emotion.

I used the graphics from "Unrequited", the sort-of-prequel to this game.

What I Did Wrong:
1. The Flash port is not totally the same as the original. It is very close though.
2. I did not have better, smoother graphics.
3. I did not have more characters and gameplay as originally planned. I did not differentiate it enough from "qrp".
4. I did not get extensive testing before finishing. It may have a harder difficulty.
5. The game was not optimized as best as I could.

What I Did Right:
1. I finished on time. I met my deadline of Valentine's Day 2012, not 2013.
2. My Flash port succeeded compared to my only previous port(Shark Week to HTML5)
3. I kept the gameplay simple, though puzzling enough. There's more than one ending!

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