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Valentine's Day Part #2: Thesis on Courtship and Dating and More Questions

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(Short) Thesis on Courtship and Dating
What is the difference between courtship and dating? Such a mystery many youth pastors, young Christian couples, Bible college students, and Sunday School teens try to solve.

According to a recent poll, over 60% of people do not know if they count their going out as dating. Obviously, there needs to be clarification in this issue.

I'm not arrogant enough to tell you I know the actual difference. But there is always the dictionary to turn to.

For myself, I usually define dating a hangout with romantic overtones before an engagement and/or without the aim of a future marriage. For courtship, it's planned after an engagement with a structured aim for a future marriage. Courtship often has the implicit approval of the girl's parents.

While not a universally recognized definition, it works for me. I've had very few dates (can count them on one hand), but no "courts" yet. Or are they still called dates?

The point is, set a personal conviction. Define boundaries. Commit to purity of body, soul, and spirit.

Whether you date or court, do all to the glory of God.

Now for questions!
Favorite love story movie/chick flick thing?
I don't watch these kinds of movies (DUH, cause I'm a guy). But if I had to pick one, Pride and Prejudice. I haven't even read the book, yet. It has contra dancing and British aristocratic mannerisms.

Eh, which love story in a Disney movie then?
Disney movies are classic. But they all had the same storyline. Frozen was really good, but not as a love story of a guy and a girl. That felt like it was just tacked on, and the focus was on the sisters'.... sisterhood. Probably the best one to me is either Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.

Why do most humans, me being the 99th Doctor I have two, not have two hearts?
At least you're not Inspector Spacetime who has no heart at all!

The Time Vortex energies was used by Rassilon to create Time Lords out of Gallifreyans. Not all Gallifreyans are Time Lords, as some offworlder may suspect. Normal Gallifreyans have only one heart. Time Lords, a class above Gallifreyans, have two.

Rassilon seeded the universe with Gallifreyan genetics so that everyone would look Gallifreyan. Apparently, that's why we all look Time Lord. Humans just lack the exposure to the Time Vortex. This also explains why River Song's exposure to the Time Vortex as a baby made her a Time Lady.

If you think I'm wrong, check out the TARDIS wikia.

Why does society think love is...what it shows in movies?
Art imitates life. Life imitates art. Movies imitate society. Society imitates movies. It never ends. It's like the chicken and egg. We know that God created the chickens first on the fifth day. But that doesn't stop people why they keep crossing the road or putting them in buckets and calling them Kentucky Fried.

We know that society has existed long before movies. But society has existed along side storytelling found in movies in the form of fairy tales. Did you know that Disney Princesses are actually from earlier princess stories? No way! The first-kiss,-love-in-first-sight type of love is very ancient, but only pervades modern society through movies.

Plato said that he cares not for who writes the laws, as long he writes the music. A Rothschild said that he also cares not who writes the laws, as long he controls the money supply.

Well, it turns out that movies have big music and big money associated with them. What this has to do with love, I have no idea.

There are different kinds of love.... how many words (Greek/Hebrew) for love are used in the Bible?
The Hebrew has two words for love: ahab and (c)hesed. Ahab is the closest to the everyday English meaning and use of the word love. (C)hesed is used for when a higher position loves a one of lower, particularly God loving us.

There is agape, philos, and eros for the Greek. Agape is God's pure love for us, and what each Christian should show to the brethren. Philos is the love of a friend to another, also used in Christian interaction. Eros can be translated as love or evil, often talking about the materialistic, pleasure, physical love.

There's another word for love in Greek called storge, but is not present in the Bible, denoting parental love.

Why can't I love and marry myself and my awesomeness?
You can always clone an opposite gendered person of yourself. Have you looked at this option? Might have some ethical, biological, and technological ramifications to consider, however.

I for one would not marry myself. That is wrong on so many levels. Even with my many, many multi-personalities, I would not be able to do it.

Why can't we marry an ant? Divorce would be easy. Squish it.
Have you ever heard of the saying that fish are friends, not food? Well, ants are not fishes.

Also, have you heard of "I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine? And he shall be my squishy.". Well, squishing denotes affection. But it is also gruesome and possibly murderous.

I will be politically correct and will not comment on how wrong it is to marry insects. People in Japan may be tickled pink. Someone there married a video game.

Okay... Why am I still living here on this dimension?

Do not marry someone just because you have an easy way out. Just saying.

Many thanks to Jonathan David Bloom, Adam De Kroon, and many others who contributed questions, etc.

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