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Why I Am Obsessed With Doctor Who: Parallels

People always ask me why I am obsessed with the phenomenon known as "Doctor Who".

They see my Matt Smith-esque bow tie and my sonic screwdriver. Well, one of three of them. Not including the sonic screwdriver app on my iPod. Which is in a TARDIS case. With a Police Box Lock Screen and TARDIS console Home Screen.

My Facebook and Instagram is littered with #DoctorWho posts. I make snide comments about "timey wimey" or other Doctor Who references in normal conversation, to the chagrin of others. I cried and squealed like a girl in watching the 50th anniversary special Day of the Doctor. I even cosplayed all the 13 main Doctors (including John Hurt) plus an alternate incarnations of the Doctor (the Valeyard )! I even started translating the KJV Holy Bible into Circular Gallifreyan.

I am obsessed. Why in the world(s)?

While some Whovians would say the Doctor's pacifism and cleverness, the emotional character stories, etc. got them, my obsession is a bit more personal. You need to know my personal history and interests pre-Who.

Before Doctor Who, I diagnosed myself with DID (Disassociative Identity Disorder), or more commonly known as MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). I have counted about 12 alters in my fragmented personality, My MBTI personality testing usually comes up as INTJ (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging), the personality type of applicable theorists and mastermind manipulators. I have been a sprinter throughout my high school, always running. My favorite colors have always been blue, white, and black.

Time travel and steam punk fascinated me to no end. I have written many a time travel theory and related subjects, even on this blog. I love British mannerisms and classics and gentleman dapper stylings and tea and accents. While I loved science fiction, Star Wars and other main staples did not have a great hold of my fleeting interests.

Early high school, I dressed in a leather coat as my vanity item. As high school progressed, I started wearing a small trench coat and suits. As I started college, I took to liking bow ties and top hats, instead of normal ties. I became the Prime Minister of a student leadership society.

Do you see why now? If you are a Whovian, you should have spotted the eerie similarities.

I only have gotten into Doctor Who last year (2013). Everything I mentioned above happened before 2013. I discovered that Doctor Who existed around 2011, but have not watched it until around late February of last year.

If you aren't a Whovian and do not get the similarity references, here there are:
1. The Doctor is only one man, but every time he is greatly injured or dying, he regenerates into a completely new Doctor, with new personality and look, and he has done so about 12 times. He also retains some personalities within his head, and also he meets his other selves while time traveling. But he's always the same Doctor.

In the same vein, with my disorder, I have 12 personalities (verified by a drawing I drew around 8th grade of my selves). Every time my heart breaks due to a very distressing emotional experience, an alter is created. I think it's my coping mechanism, but when that happens, my habits, mannerisms, and clothing changes to such a degree a new alter is born.

2. An MBTI chart show that most incarnations of the Doctor are of an INTJ type. The Doctor is known to be pulling strings and thinking of ways to cleverly outsmart his situation and opponents. My thinking process is more and less the same. Some of my personalities do show other variations of the MBTI.

3. A theme of the Doctor is running. I've always been running everywhere ever since middle school and throughout high school. So much so that people make snide comments about me doing so. But I can't help myself.

4. The TARDIS Police Box colors are blue, white, and black. My favorite colors before ever liking Doctor Who.

5. Time travel is central to Doctor Who if you haven't noticed yet. Steampunk and Victorian elements are present in Doctor Who. My favorite Doctor is the 8th, by the way, who has the best Victorian steampunk styled TARDIS interior. Earlier entries in my blog show my fascination with fringe science, techpunk, dimensions, alternate history, and time travel; all before I was ever obsessed.

6. Doctor Who is a British show, and has British things. I always have loved British stuff. The English I learned was British English, not American, growing up in the Philippines, before moving Stateside.

7. Doctor Who is science fiction. And I think it's the best so far.

8. The Ninth Doctor wore a leather coat. The Tenth wore trenchcoat and suits. The Eleventh wore bow ties and a top hat. Very creepily similar to my clothing changes and progression.

9. The title of Prime Minister holds more relation to the Doctor's archenemy the Master, not the Doctor himself. But it is a British thing. Also, back in 9th grade, I played the Prime Minister in Never Come Monday, a timey-wimey story about Monday never coming, meaning it was always Sunday.

So, in conclusion, Doctor Who fits my personality and history so much. I do not know why I have never found it before. It fits me perfectly. It parallels my life. And that's why I'm obsessed with Doctor Who.

Happy Anniversary to my obsession.

I discovered that Doctor Who existed around 2011, but did not watch a single episode. I started watching Doctor Who around January/February 2013, but I did not grasp what the show was about and lost interest. It was rekindled when a friend of mine came to my house and we watched a couple more episodes, and I was hooked.

My middle school years were around 2005 to 2006. My junior high years were around 2007 to 2008. My high school years ranges from 2009 to 2012. The new Doctor Who started in 2005. My grade numbers and years coincided (2005 = 5th grade, 2006 = 6th grade, etc.) Everything I mentioned above unless otherwise noted happened before 2012.

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